Blinded by the Light(s)?

It’s the time of year when many of you are unearthing the Christmas decorations and lights from the attic or garage. As Dr. John David Gordon can attest, what follows is often a frustrating experience. Invariably you seem to find a strand of lights that no longer works, right?

So what lessons does this hold for your infertility journey? For starters, Dr. Gordon could’ve saved himself a lot of frustration on the light strand if he would’ve stepped back and taken a broader view of the situation. (It took a suggestion from his daughter to get him to do this.) He was blinded by the lights, so to speak.

This can happen with fertility treatment, too. Couples can develop a one-track mindset, investing all their hopes in one approach. On the other hand, some can become so frustrated that they just scrap all treatment. Neither of these extremes constitutes the sort of balanced view that often leads to success in conquering infertility.

Dr. Gordon goes into more detail with IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum below in this edition of our Internet show “Talk Fertility.” They also discuss an important lesson to be gleaned from the historic news about Molly Everette Gibson, the 27-year-old frozen embryo who successfully came to birth through the work of our nonprofit partners at the National Embryo Donation Center. We’re thrilled for Molly, big sister Emma, and parents Ben and Tina!

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