Dr. Gordon’s Thanksgiving List

What does a leading fertility expert have to be thankful for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday?

For Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. John David Gordon, Co-Director of Southeastern Fertility, five things come to mind now that he has his first complete year in Knoxville under his belt.

Some of the items on the list: Faith, family, staff and the successes of those who have battled infertility (many for a long time) and finally achieved pregnancy with the help of Southeastern Fertility. 2020 even brought about the births of Southeastern Fertility’s first two Natural Cycle IVF babies. NC IVF is still a relatively new service at the practice. It and Mini-Stim IVF are two options that arrived along with Dr. Gordon last year.

Check out the video below as Dr. Gordon and IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum work their way through the list of blessings. By the way, we’ll add that there’s something we’re thankful for: Dr. G’s good humor! You’ll notice a Blues Brothers-style hat and shades appearing on him intermittently, and you can chalk that up to a settings error on the smart phone used to shoot this; an error that wasn’t picked up by the staff until it was too late. Thanks for rolling with the punches, Dr. G!

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