Southeastern Fertility family T.J., Megan and Carter Seiber.

T.J., Megan, & Baby Carter: A Southeastern Story

Let’s be honest. Most high school romances, well, just don’t work out. Bring together two immature, relatively inexperienced people, and it’s no wonder the odds are stacked against them. That’s why high school sweethearts who turn into lifelong loves seem so novel. But it still happens. Just look at Southeastern Fertility couple T.J. and Megan Seiber.

“Megan and I first met in gym class our freshman year,” T.J. says. “We began dating during the summer going into our senior year and haven’t looked back since!” 

In fact, they actually did a lot of looking forward, right from the start. Both planned to become education majors in college and commit to a life of serving young people through teaching. They knew that wouldn’t be limited to the classroom, either. Children of their own were definitely in T.J. and Megan’s plans for the future.

“We loved watching our students grow, but, shortly after marriage, we knew we were ready to watch our own children grow,” the Seibers share. “Because of Megan’s previous PCOS diagnosis we knew that starting a family might take a little longer than normal, but were not expecting to be faced with infertility.”

However, after a year and a half of trying on their own without success, Megan’s doctor suggested they start taking a deeper dive to look for answers. That was when T.J. and Megan turned to Southeastern Fertility and Co-Director Dr. Jeffrey Keenan. “With the help of Southeastern Fertility we discovered that we had male factor infertility as well,” Megan and T.J. remember. “What we thought would take a few months to achieve ended up taking over three years.”

The infertility diagnosis came with so many agonizing questions that no one could answer. Having children seemed to come so easily for most young couples. Why did this have to happen to them?

Excruciating as the reality of their infertility was, Megan and T.J. never doubted they were in good hands. “The more we found out about Southeastern Fertility, the more we were drawn to the office,” they say. “We chose Southeastern Fertility because of their beliefs that every embryo is a life, Dr. Keenan’s incredible success rates, the kindness of the office staff, and the respect that was shown to us during our initial consultation.” 

Best of all, their treatment with Southeastern Fertility produced the long-hoped-for result: T.J. and Megan’s daughter, Carter Ray, who’s now six months old. “Carter is so full of joy. She has all the sass of a 16-year-old packed into her six-month-old self,” the Seibers say. “Her dramatic facial expressions will always show you how she is feeling. She loves to swing, chew on her lovie, and eat broccoli.  We never fully realized how big the holes in our hearts were until God filled them with Carter.”

Looking back on their long road, T.J. and Megan see Southeastern Fertility as not just a medical clinic. They see it as a place of hope where Dr. Keenan, Co-Director Dr. John Gordon and the entire team really listen and care. “If it were not for Dr. Keenan and Southeastern Fertility, we could still be working to start our family,” they share. “We absolutely love all of the office staff and nurses. We feel listened to every time we come in, and our questions are always answered. At the start of our pregnancy there were some concerning issues, and Dr. Keenan went above and beyond to make sure our baby was safe and continued to grow.” 

It’s humbling to be part of this inspiring new chapter in T.J. and Megan’s still-going-since-high-school relationship. After all, we’re not the ones writing the story. “Carter is more than we ever prayed for. We go to bed every night and wake up every morning full of gratitude for our little girl,” T.J. and Megan say. “Her story has blessed many of our friends and family and showed how God is always in control and is always on time. Hindsight truly is 20/20, and we now know that every hiccup was just part of God’s plan that led us to our daughter.” 

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