Mini-Stim IVF, NC IVF: Factors to Weigh

Stimulated Cycle IVF seems to dominate the list of potential options when couples are undergoing fertility treatment. Certainly that can be a good and fruitful option for many, and we’re happy to offer it at Southeastern Fertility.

But it’s not the only IVF option out there. Southeastern Fertility also offers the choices of Natural Cycle IVF and Mini-Stim IVF. So why might these be more attractive options for some patients? Below are four possible reasons:

  • Simple. There’s no need for the large amount of medications involved in Stimulated Cycle IVF. This is a relief to many couples, who dread that part of the process.
  • Affordable. A round of Natural Cycle or Mini-Stim IVF will cost considerably less than a round of traditional IVF (roughly a third to roughly half the price). Check out the price comparison by viewing this chart.
  • Life-altering. The potential to achieve life-altering results -adding a child to your family through pregnancy!- is the end goal of pursuing these lesser-known options, just as it is when you pursue Stimulated Cycle IVF.
  • Ethical. IVF can present couples with ethical dilemmas, such as the difficult situation of having unused embryos remaining when their family-building is complete. Far fewer embryos are created with these alternative forms of IVF, helping patients avoid this potential ethical conflict.

Southeastern Fertility Co-Director Dr. John Gordon and IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum unpack all this below in this edition of our Internet show “Talk Fertility.”

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