Faith Rocks: AKA I’m Just a Nurse in Search of a Verse

Infertility is a journey of faith. Next time you’re at Southeastern Fertility, make sure to take a faith rock at the checkout window to remind you where your hope is ultimately found. Co-Director Dr. John Gordon has more to say about faith rocks, all while playing a special game of Name That Tune with the staff, in the video below!

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Keith, Amanda, River and Emmaline: A Southeastern Story

You never know just what sorts of great finds you’ll discover at a home improvement store. Sometimes, as in the case of Keith and Amanda McFarland, such finds can even be life-changing. Lowe’s, where they were both working back in 2006, was where they first connected. 

The relationship blossomed into marriage. Surely children and a home with a white picket fence would follow, right? “We wanted to have children to complete our family, to experience life as parents, and to give and provide in a loving Christian environment,” Amanda says. But it wasn’t that simple. Amanda and Keith ran into the heartbreaking roadblock of infertility.

“We couldn’t figure out why we weren’t getting pregnant, what was taking so long, and why everyone else we knew was getting pregnant so easily,” Keith and Amanda remember. So they started looking for answers.

Their search led the McFarlands to Southeastern Fertility. They knew they were in good hands with Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, but there were still several steps ahead on the road to having children. Both Keith and Amanda had surgery to improve their chances of conceiving. They also tried IUIs (intrauterine inseminations) without success. Finally, they opted for IVF.

That was when the McFarlands say they saw God’s hand powerfully at work. After two cycles of IVF with Southeastern Fertility, they’ve finally welcomed two children into the family: River, 2, was born in 2018. Emmaline, just 4 months old, followed in 2020. “River is 100 miles per hour from sun up to sun down. He gives the best hugs and kisses,” Amanda shares. “Emmaline loves to be held and talked to. She has the best smile, is starting to laugh, and has some killer eyelashes.”

Keith and Amanda half-jokingly sum up life as parents this way: “They both have stolen our hearts, and all of our time.” And they wouldn’t trade it for the world. Neither would their extended family, which loves seeing Keith and Amanda enjoying their long-held dream of parenthood and the happiness River and Emmaline have brought to their lives.

Looking back on their experience, the McFarlands feel blessed to have been connected with the team at Southeastern Fertility. “Dr. Keenan and the staff have meant a lot to us. They were all very understanding and always there for us when we needed something,” Keith and Amanda say. “If Southeastern Fertility wasn’t here, we may not have been able to experience all of this wonderful madness and a love so big for our children. God has been good to us and we’re thankful that He pointed us in their direction.”

Dr. Keenan, Co-Director Dr. John Gordon and the entire Southeastern Fertility family are thrilled for Keith and Amanda, and for so many others whose dreams have come to life through our work. We’re privileged to walk alongside infertile couples every day in a way that’s hopeful and compassionate. An old slogan from none other than Lowe’s actually captures our spirit well: Let’s build something together.

To learn more about Southeastern Fertility, including our mission, values and team, click here. To learn more about IVF with Southeastern Fertility, click here.