What to do When the Lab Result, Phone Call or Email Hasn’t Come

Southeastern Fertility Co-Director Dr. John Gordon and IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum are suggesting a new year’s resolution if you’re undergoing fertility treatment in the 12 months ahead: Trust the process.

So what, exactly, does that mean? Well, often those undergoing fertility treatment are understandably anxious. They’ve already been through the long, arduous struggle of infertility. Now the prospect of treatment finally offers some hope!

It’s no wonder, then, that when some patients run into uncertainty at any point in their treatment, a sense of panic can set in. After all, a lot of family-building dreams are riding on this. The stakes couldn’t be higher, right?

Common examples of such uncertainty would include not receiving a call with ultrasound or lab results precisely when expected, or waiting to hear back from the medical team after emailing a question concerning a treatment plan.

At Southeastern Fertility, we understand this anxiety. It’s always our goal to respond quickly to patient inquiries and concerns. Sometimes, though, there will be factors beyond anyone’s control that cause delays. In these moments, Dr. Gordon says to trust the process.

Rarely, if ever, will these tense moments affect the ultimate outcome of your treatment. That’s very important to keep in mind, and should provide some reassurance. Of course, if your treatment is with Southeastern Fertility and you have a nagging concern for which a response seems urgent, you are always welcome to contact Dr. Gordon directly at dr.gordon@southeasternfertility.org.

Dr. Gordon and Lynda unpack this topic a little more in the short video below.

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