Making the Call: When is it Urgent?

When is it time to call Southeastern Fertility right away, and when can something wait a bit? Also, what are the best ways to get in touch? These are important questions if you’re a patient going through fertility treatment. Here are some quick answers to each.

When to call right away:

You’re experiencing bleeding after a positive pregnancy test. If this happens to you, definitely call as soon as you can! And in a case like this, it’s best to just call the front desk at 865-777-0088, ext. 1 or ext. 2. Taylor or Kristy will track down the nurse or team member best equipped to respond. Again, don’t dial the nurses’ desk and settle for voice mail in a situation like this! It’s crucial to get help from a live person quickly, and the front desk is your best route to receive that.

You’re having an ultrasound somewhere besides Southeastern Fertility, and you don’t have your order sheet. This could commonly happen especially with our National Embryo Donation Center patients, many of whom live out of town. If you’re at the medical facility and they won’t perform the ultrasound because there’s no order sheet, call right away and we’ll fax it to them. The front desk is also the best number to call in this situation: 865-777-0088 ext. 1 or ext. 2.

When it’s a lower-level issue:

Protocol questions are generally considered to be the next level down from the issues above in terms of urgency and priority. Now don’t misunderstand us on this one: If you’re on a medication protocol and it’s time for your dose, definitely call right away! But if it’s a question about when you need to start progesterone in oil or something similar and you know the protocol won’t start for about another week, that’s another matter. Sure, it’s a very important question. Yet it’s not imperative that you receive an immediate answer. In cases like this, just email IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum or Clinic Nurse Kaylee Zalewski and they’ll work to get you a timely, though perhaps not instant, answer. (NOTE: One reason the nurses prefer you email them for less urgent questions rather than call is that it helps them tremendously to have something in writing for a point of reference.) Lynda’s email is Kaylee’s email is

Lynda and Southeastern Fertility’s Mark Mellinger unpack all this -and have a little game show fun in the process- below in this edition of our Internet show “Talk Fertility.”

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