Will Eating Pineapples & Fries Help Your Embryo Implant?

Could eating pineapple really help your embryo implant? What about wolfing down some french fries from Mickey D’s? We’re looking into those fertility-related superstitions (and many more) in the brief video below. Here are some helpful time stamps:

1:50 Can going to the bathroom after a transfer make you lose the embryo? What about getting into a car wreck?

2:20 Can taking a home pregnancy test before you get a blood test lead to a negative pregnancy attempt?

4:30 Can eating pineapple help your embryo implant?

5:45 Does eating McDonald’s french fries help promote successful embryo implantation?

7:10 Is loading up with water going to help lead to a successful transfer? What about acupuncture?

8:05 Should you have intercourse the night before a transfer?

8:35 Is it okay to shower after an embryo transfer?

9:15 Can you get on a plane after an embryo transfer?

9:35 Will eating and drinking exclusively warm food and beverages affect your embryo transfer?

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