Learning God’s Hard Life Lessons

Infertility is so hard to bear. Yet, seen through the eyes of faith, it can become redemptive. Jacob & Beth say the lessons they learned through infertility and the premature births of their twins prepared them to deal with other, longer-term trials in life. Through it all, they’ve come to trust God more and learned to serve others well. Be inspired by their journey in this episode of Southeastern Fertility’s “Hope, Faith, & Infertility” podcast. Some helpful time stamps are below:

1:00 Running into PCOS, infertility

2:15 Finding fertility answers with Dr. Keenan at Southeastern Fertility

5:25 How the premature births of Jacob & Beth’s twins tested their faith

11:40 How Jacob & Beth’s infertility struggle helped prepare them to deal with Jacob’s chronic pain, and how all of it has drawn them closer to God

14:35 How God uses perseverance and hard things to mold and shape us; how to deal with hard realities that don’t make sense to us

17:30 How struggles have made Jacob & Beth better listeners & encouragers who can help others

20:00 The life perspective Jacob & Beth are trying to pass along to their kids

21:40 God’s faithfulness isn’t contingent on whether He answers our prayers the way we want

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