The Waiting Game

Tom Petty was right. The waiting is the hardest part!

That’s certainly true when it comes to fertility treatment. Patients often anticipate taking part in a particular transfer cycle, only to endure the disappointment of finding out they’ll need to wait another month.

If results aren’t back from pre-transfer medical tests, it’s vital that physicians and patients not just jump right into an embryo transfer in order to stick to a certain schedule. Test results must be examined to determine whether the patient is in optimal health, which in turn leads to the best chances of a successful transfer.

Cysts, failure to stimulate, and numerous other reasons could cause a transfer cycle to be delayed as well. In this video, Southeastern Fertility Co-Director Dr. John Gordon and IVF Coordinator Lynda McCollum advise that while this is frustrating, decisions to delay a cycle are made with patients’ best interests in mind.

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