Co-Director Dr. John Gordon has now been at Southeastern Fertility for almost two years. In the video below, he takes some time to reflect on a few things he finds unbelievable (in a good way) now that he’s had time to settle in. Plus, he points out a few things patients have told him they find unbelievable about Southeastern Fertility (again, in a good way). The list of unbelievables:

1. That he’s here! Dr. Gordon is amazed God led him to a life-affirming fertility center where he is able to practice in a way that aligns with his faith.

2. How nice everyone is here. Yes, Dr. Gordon loved his patients and practice in the Washington, D.C. area. But he’s been genuinely amazed at the kindness and laid back nature of the folks here in East Tennessee.

3. That we do Natural Cycle IVF. Patients have been relieved to find an affordable, ethical option for IVF that doesn’t involve all the headaches of fertility medications. Southeastern Fertility is pleased to be able to provide NC IVF.

4. That we listen to patients! We want to hear your story and offer personalized care that aligns with your values. Some patients have told us this can be relatively rare in the fertility industry.

5. That you actually see the doctor here! Again, many patients have been surprised that their physician is the one they’re able to actually see and consult with. We have terrific nurses who assist with that, but our doctors are involved in every aspect of the treatment process.

6. That Dr. Gordon’s family is here! There were certainly a lot of unknowns when the Gordons contemplated moving to Knoxville, and many family considerations to digest, including one child still in high school. Now that it’s happened, Dr. Gordon says the move has been a blessing for his entire family.

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