Wicked Slippery

Author: John David Gordon MD

As many (? most…? all?) of my patients may realize, I grew up in Boston. My parents were lifelong Bostonians and both of them (especially my Mom) did have Boston accents. So where is mine? Dunno… Maybe just like Chris Evans (Captain America) and John Krasinski (Jim from the Office), all it took was moving “fahr awey from Hahvahd Yahd” to lose my accent…But as you can see from the amazingly funny Hyundai commercial that is currently on the air, you can take the boy out of Boston, but you may never really be able to take the Boston out of the boy…

Wicked is not an adjective that I hear very frequently here in Knoxville. Truth be told, I never heard it very often in Washington, DC either! But that is not the case in Boston, as is evident from the Hyundai ad and from the MassPort electronic bulletin board alerting drivers to the fact that the “Roads are wicked slippery!”

Wicked slippery is how I describe the fertility treatment process to some of my patients. You start out with a few months of infertility and then it becomes a few years. Then you see your Ob Gyn and then maybe you do some clomid. Then you end up in the office of the fertility specialist and before you know it you are shooting yourself up with Gonal-F in the bathroom at Longhorn Steakhouse… Once you start down the slippery slope it is hard to know how to stop….Should you do multiple stimulations? Should you fertilize as many eggs as you can? Should you do PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) on all the embryos? And more and more until you find yourself at the bottom of that slippery slope looking up and wondering how did I get down here?

In my 23 years of fertility practice I have seen it over and over again. I think that there is a way to put some brakes on the rapid descent down that slope. I believe that IVF is an appropriate treatment option for our patients, but there needs to be consideration given to where the process can lead before ending up where you never wanted to be….especially finding yourself stuck with too many embryos on the one hand and a family that feels complete to you on the other.

The options of Natural Cycle IVF or Mini Stim IVF or Stim IVF with careful consideration of how many eggs to fertilize can all serve to mitigate the headlong plunge down the slippery slope. In particular, I love Natural Cycle IVF. One egg…one embryo…one baby. No fuss. No muss. Here at Southeastern Fertility, our Natural Cycle IVF is up and running. What can I say…I think that it’s wicked smaht!

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