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Author: John David Gordon MD

Good Morning! Every day we are working to make your experience here at Southeastern Fertility as satisfying as possible even in such trying times as these.

I have transitioned to using ZOOM for patient consults. ZOOM is a free video conferencing service. In order to use ZOOM you just need a computer or a cell phone with the App installed. You can use ZOOM through your web browser (Chrome works best…) and it is best if you go ahead and do a test run prior to your scheduled consult time to make sure that the video and audio are working.

A few times the audio seemed to be a problem so I just called the couple on the phone and we had video on the computer and audio on the phone. Occasionally this can result in what I call the “Creature Double Feature” effect.

Creature Double Feature was a regular part of my growing up in Boston where Channel 56 routinely aired movies like Godzilla and Rodan every Saturday afternoon. As most of these were dubbed in English from the original Japanese the lip movements and speech were often completely out of sync.

Just before your consult you will receive and email giving you the information as to how to join me in the meeting. I will be there waiting.

See you soon on ZOOM.

Stay safe!

Hope begins with a conversation….so let’s talk soon.


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